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Establising or acquiring a business in Europe is a major challenge but offers huge growth chances.


Europe is a common market with common laws that regulate many aspects of business and trade. However all countries have individual laws and and regulations which makes it extremely challenging to identify risks and opportunities.


We are an experienced consulting team with a network of professional partners to assist companies in all aspects from outside of mainland Europe to expand their business to the continent.


The main focus of our business is Germany – the largest single market and the Netherlands as gateway to Europe.
Styleau is based in Germany and in the USA. Our team of skilled and experienced consultants can help you to avoid costly startup or acqusition mistakes and guide you through the many challenges of expanding to Europe.
Startup EU
We have developed a proven process to ensure that the decision making process for expansion is based on research and facts to ensure a high probability of success.


The Styleau philosophy is to help you identify the right things for your business and then assist, coach and guide you and your team to do these things the right way.


With this philosophy we ensure effectiveness of the implemented measures and actions as well as effectivity and productivity in the way the deliverables are rolled out.


This is the success formula to ensure business growth and a high return on your investment.

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Our philiosphy is to help our clients identify the right things for their business and then guide them to do these things the right way. By doing so we prevent clients making costly mistakes, thereby ensuring effectivity and effectiveness leading to business growth.

Peter Hattingh

The Startup EU Consulting Team

Meet part of our Europe consulting team. We are based in several regions, speak several languages and have thorough know-how of starting and expanding a business in Europe. Our core competency is based on understanding local culture and circumstances to guide you through the challenges of setting up your business and managing it for growth. Feel free to get in touch with us now and setup a free consultation call to determine how we can help you with your business requirements.

  • Peter Hattingh
    Peter Hattingh CEO
    Styleau Germany / USA
  • André Beukes
    André Beukes Business Development Director
    Styleau Netherlands
  • Helen Denby-Knight
    Helen Denby-Knight Europe Business Development Consultant
    Styleau UK
  • Mathias Kramer
    Mathias Kramer Europe Business Development Consultant
    Styleau Germany
  • Florian Söchtig
    Florian Söchtig Europe Business Development Consultant
    Styleau Germany
  • Olivier Lanoue
    Olivier Lanoue Europe Business Development Consultant
    Styleau France
  • Giovanni Mascali
    Giovanni Mascali Europe Business Development Consultant
    Styleau Spain / Italy