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Business expansion outside the core geographic region presents a whole set of challenges and growth opportunities. Laws and regulations combined with language and cultural barriers makes it complex to do business. Dealing with new local competitors and customer mindsets combined with local suppliers and partners requires professional guidance to avoid costly mistakes. We can help you to make the right decisions and guide you through the maze of challenges and support you and your team to focus on what´s required to establish your business in Europe and to continuously generate growth.


Starting a new business is an extremely exciting journey and a daunting task. The rewards of success can be huge. Going it alone can lead to disaster. Our network of specialists ranging from angel investors to tax consultants and lawyers can assist and guide you to starting your business successfully in Europe. Making use of government and European funding to get off the ground is one of our core consulting functions. At Styleau we have helped many companies to start and grow and can coach and partner with you to ensure a high degree of startup success.


Do you have a great idea for a business but don´t know how to get it off the ground? Developing the right concept is a challenge. Where to start and what to keep in mind can easily lead to a state of frustration and possibly to “analysis paralysis“ – over analysing and subsequently causing you to surrender your great idea. We can quick check your concept or business idea and assist you in taking your concept to the next level of starting your business in Europe. Our proven process will provide the facts upon which solid business decisions can be based. Packaged in a business concept that will give you the right direction to move to the next level of starting your business successfully.

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In this crucial aspect of business we think with you and plan together to develop the right business model and marketing plan to expand your business strategically and intelligently. We will get you fit for doing business in Europe.


Deciding whether to manufacture in Europe or import products can be fundamental to the success of a business. We can help you make the right decision and also assist in product development processes.


If you run your own business and are thinking of moving to Europe we can help you. Essentially we assist entrepreneurs to start their business in Europe and relocating here with their families to enjoy the benefits of living in the European union.


Entering a new foreign market is a tremendous challenge and opportunity. A preferred method is merging or acquiring a local company. Our network of Euro partners can guide you in this exciting journey to make the right decisions.


In this module we offer a complete turnkey solution for starting your business in Europe. From setup through legal and tax to finding and employing the right people to run the business.


One of the most challenging aspects of business is developing a process that generates consistent business growth. Our marketing and sales expertise accross a wide range of industries can help you lay the foundation for expanding your business and generating sales growth.

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Market Assessment and Selection

Benchmark Business Offer

Develop a Market Entry Strategy

Initiate Market Testing

Prepare Market Entry

Market Launch

Growth Generation

Extract from case study “Selling to Europe”

It was as if someone had flipped a switch. The nice words suddenly became orders and companies like Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, and Siemens are now valuable and valued customers. We would not be saying this today if we had not taken the plunge and created a local presence.

We think that our customers needed to believe that we were serious; to know we had invested in their local economy and that we were in for the long term. Once they felt this was the case they were happy to invest their business with us.

From zero export sales in 2009, Ecotile exports accounted for over 40% of our turnover in 2014/15. It’s the primary reason we’ve doubled in size over the past four years, so don’t give up.

James Gedye is the managing director of Ecotile Flooring Ltd
Published by “the Guardian”

Brexit the business opportunity


Brexit is both a threat and an opportunity. It is a threat if British companies don’t act pro-actively. It is however a huge opportunity to expand globally.


Opportunities for British companies doing business outside the U.K. are unlimited.


The biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs to exploit the Brexit lies within the pound. As the pound continues to drop the opportunity grows bigger and bigger.


Now is the best time to start a new business or expand your business with global interest rates being so low. Due to the value of the pound decreasing, many foreigners will be interested in purchasing services and products from the U.K because they benefit more from this trade than previously.


Entrepreneurs in the U.K can seize this opportunity by starting a business that has global demand using Europe as a gateway and ensure they have a foot in Europe after Brexit.


Contact us now to discuss how we can help you to expand your business to Europe or internationally.

Mergers and Acquisition Opportunities


One of the best market entry strategies is by means of either a merger or the acquisition of a company. Currently thousands of extremely interesting small and medium sized companies in Europe are urgently seeking successors or companies to merge with or sell to.


We can assist you in identifying possible candidates and guide you through the process of acquiring or merging with a company that fits your ideal situation.


Accompanied by a competent team of m&a specialists we will ensure that the process is managed professionally and to your utmost satisfaction.


This will ensure that you can start your new business venture by focusing on the business activities rapidly and guarantee that your investment works for you from the outset.


Contact us now to discuss how we can help you to merge with or acquire a suitable business in Europe.

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